Children’s Drama Club is offering unique dual-plot play

Did you ever read those Choose-Your-Own Adventure books as a kid? The ones where you play the main character and every so often you have to make a critical decision as to what you will do and then turn to the page which corresponds to that decision?

If you did, you will remem­ber how one instantaneous deci­sion can change everything that comes after it. That is exactly the idea that sparked this year’s shows.

When Gerard Gouthro, the playwright and director of Whiners and Beans sat down to write this year, it wasn’t to write one show, but two.  Two shows that start exactly the same, but then, in a moment, with a simple decision, head in two different directions.

How would things be dif­ferent after those decisions?  How would they be the same? 

It was quite a journey and, as it always happens when Gouthro writes, the result turn­ed out differently than when he first had them in his head.

This unique experience allowed both groups of kids with the Centre Wellington Children’s Drama Club, to work on similar shows, with the same characters without ever really knowing what the other group of kids was up to.  The productions of Winners and Beans and Whiners and Beans will be fun for the actors and audience alike.

Kids who are in one show will have a blast watching their character in the other show.  Audience members who attend both shows will have the fun of seeing what changes and what stays the same after the lottery club makes its big decision.

A special thanks to Bill Bul­mer for being willing to go through this experiment with Gouthro and to direct Winners and Beans.  The troupe hopes that people will find the time to see both shows and to get the full experience.

If people come along and provide the smile and the troupe will provide the laughs … and even the beans. 

Winners and Beans will be performed on April 12, at 2 and 7pm.  Whiners and Beans will be performed on April 19 at 2 and 7pm.

Tickets are available from the Fergus Grand Theatre box office at 519-787-1981.