Centre Wellington fire department to get new pumper truck

Township's open-air burning bylaw gets an update

CENTRE WELLINGTON – Residents who get Class A open-air fire permits are reminded that campfires are not allowed in front yards.

Fire Chief Tom Mulvey spoke to council on Feb. 12, explaining that even though the current open air burning bylaw does not permit residential campfires on front lawns, people still do it.

He wants to change the wording in the existing bylaw to make that clearer.

He also wants to add a new class of permit to accommodate local festivals and special events that would like to have open air fires during their events but don’t need a permit for a full calendar year.

There are currently three classes of open air fires permitted in the township:

  • Class A – smaller campfire-size fires in side or rear yards;
  • Class B – larger fires within a 2m x 2m size; and
  • Class C – for rural burnings 6m x 6m in size.

The proposed Class D permit would allow festival and event organizers opportunity to have an approved open-air burn on a specific date.

Mulvey proposed the fee should be $15 for a Class D permit. The other permits cost $27 and are in effect for a full calendar year.

“Class D Permits would be issued by Centre Wellington Fire Rescue only, by having the applicant attend headquarters (Fergus Station) to obtain and sign for the permit,” Mulvey wrote in his report.

Council approved the changes to the open-air burning bylaw.

Pumper truck

Council also approved a $160,000 top-up for the purchase of new pumper truck for the fire department.

That’s on top of $1million already approved for a pumper, bringing the cost to $1.16 million.

Mulvey said the existing pumper is more than 20 years old and will serve as a back-up pumper when the new truck arrives. He said it is best practice to have a back-up in case the new truck is out of service for repairs.

Council agreed to the top-up, which will be funded from the general capital reserve.