Caressant Care appreciates volunteers

HARRISTON – Activity coordinator Audrey Domm and assistant Jaylene Roswell hosted the annual volunteer appreciation luncheon at the Caressant Care nursing home in Harriston on June 14. They expressed their appreciation and read a tribute to volunteers.   

Over 35 volunteers and staff attended the luncheon.

Residents Nancy Ellis and Fred Piper thanked the volunteers.

Executive director Cathy Cook thanked the volunteers stating there are not enough words to describe how amazed staff are with volunteers’ dedication and donation of time.

“Thanks for your unwavering support and generosity. We respect you and your many kindnesses shared with our residents,” said Cook.

Guest speaker Paula Frappier is a community education co-ordinator at Homewood Health Centre. She believes volunteers are needed to compliment the work of a nursing home.

Seniors are gems and their ranges of dementia can be classified in gem style in a model developed by Teepa Snow.

“This dementia progression model enables care partners to keep the focus on retained abilities,” she explained.

Dementia is described as brain failure that changes over time.

Sapphires are true blue and may need prompting to aid memory and time to mull over decisions.

They may begin to experience more pain, vision troubles, and issues with their balance.

Diamonds have multiple facets of life experiences, but are stubborn to admit changes in their abilities and tend to focus on their finances more.

Emeralds are aware that personal care is slipping, they only hear three-quarters of what is said, struggle to find words, and become easily frustrated with their minds playing tricks on them.

Amber finds them caught in time, more focused on sensations, they may not feel the need to eat or sleep.

Rubies are in the late stages hearing only a quarter of what is being said relying on eyes to convey messages, fine motor skills go, vision and depth perception problems appear and they may lash out if they feel threatened.

Pearl is the last stage, what’s left is hidden within the shell, they are controlled by reflexes and may connect to familiar voices and rhythms.

Frappier thanked the volunteers for working with each resident noting, “You enhance their lives.”

Anyone interested in volunteer opportunities can  is call Domm or Roswell at 519-338-3700.