Canadian Tire

Mount Forest now has a brand new Canadian Tire. 

The new building at the north end of town opened up earlier this year and the change is quite remarkable.

I had the privilege of touring the facility as a photographer while one of our reporters completed interviews for stories about the store’s grand opening. Being behind the lens gave me a unique perspective to see how happy the new owners and staff are with the new building.

One of the two owners explained that with the increased square footage the store can now carry many items the old store could never dream of keeping in stock.  

And it’s paying off. Just a few weekends ago, the store stocked a few patio lounge sets, with one on display, which was often out of the question at the old store. Four days into the work week, all the sets were sold and a rain check was issued for an additional set. 

 Mount Forest, it seems, was just waiting for an expanded Canadian Tire. 

Even some customers I spoke to said they are curious about the new store and often just visit to wander around and see what’s available. 

The new facility was built with the customer in mind. One feature of is a toy section, which wasn’t offered at the old location. For the brief time I was there, I saw how engaging that section is for children. A young boy noticed a truck on the shelves and reached out to touch some of the other toys.  

The difference is space and the ability to display everything the store has to offer.  

Staff members at the Mount Forest Canadian Tire store are also very proud of their new store, taking time to make sure that everything is displayed perfectly.

Many of the staff from the old location moved to the new location, including two employees that have been with the Mount Forest Canadian Tire for 40 years. It really says something about a business that an employee would stay for four decades.

Congratulations to all  involved on the new Mount Forest Canadian Tire. 

(Most residents of northern Wellington will receive this week’s special eight-page feature on the new Canadian Tire in Mount Forest. Be sure to make note of all the businesses who bought an ad to support the new store. It’s great to see so many local business supporting one another.)

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In another part of the county, the Elora Doggy Daycare has officially opened. Located at 11 East Mill Street in Elora, it is geared towards small dogs under 30 pounds and offers half- and full-day options. 

Elora Doggy Daycare is also offering drop-in dog-sitting on select weekends from May to September, allowing owners to visit shops and restaurants or partake in activities that are not dog friendly. 

 Contact Elora Doggy Daycare at 519-215-7717 or

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