Businesses urged to contact township for help accessing pandemic assistance

MAPLETON – Mayor Gregg Davidson is urging township businesses to reach out to the local economic development department if they need help due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are still in a provincially-mandated lockdown (stay-at-home order) and it appears that we are going to be into June now and although this affects each and every one of us I am particularly concerned about our business community,” said Davidson at the May 11 council meeting.

“I don’t believe we have lost a business yet in Mapleton. I could be wrong but I haven’t’ heard of one, but we do have some that are financially hurting,” the mayor continued.

“So this message is for businesses, if you are needing support. I encourage you to contact Ally Cripps, who is our economic development officer, and Ally can provide you assistance.

“There are a number of financial support opportunities out there and county council has just approved, last month, another $150,000 dollars for businesses to apply for grants to assist them moving forward,” Davidson pointed out.

“Ally will be assisting local businesses to apply to those grants … It is an important thing that we need to have done in our community,” the mayor stated.

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