Burritos for everyone!

It has happened. BarBurrito is now open! For those of you who have read this column before, you’ll know that I have been anxiously awaiting this opening. I couldn’t go for the first few days it was open, but on about day four, the stars aligned and I enjoyed a delicious burrito for lunch. 

About a year ago, I unwittingly went to a Taco Bell in Guelph during the business’ grand opening. I was searching for a burrito to bring back to Fergus for lunch. Well, that was a disaster.

I waited for half an hour for a small little bean burrito that didn’t even taste that great. The business was not prepared and customers were not being served. 

I can say the complete opposite about BarBurrito. With numerous staff working, the long line moved quickly and I was served before I knew it. And hey, the combo even has a nacho and salsa option – what more could I ask for? 

Be sure to check out BarBurrito in the Starbucks plaza on Tower Street south, just inside the town limits. 

* * *

Last week I went to the Upper Grand District School Board’s Empowerment Day event. It’s a one-day event for students in Grades 5 to 8 meant to empower them in their future lives. 

This year Trisha Prabhu was the stand out guest speaker, in my opinion. 

The 18-year-old created an app called ReThink as a way to stop cyberbullying. The app reads smartphone users’ every text, post or email and sends a pop up message alerting the writer when something they’ve written could be offensive. 

In her initial trials, Prabhu said  teens changed what they wrote 93% of the time after receiving the warning messages. 

She was in Grade 8 – and just 14 years old – when she developed her methodology. 

Can you imagine the great business ideas inside young people’s minds just waiting to be realized?

Sometimes it takes a fresh, young perspective to find solutions to reoccurring issues. As a society we need to be encouraging youth to think outside the box, just like Prabhu, and give them the support they need to affect real change. 

Prabhu said 2.5 million people have downloaded her app. Think about what that’s going to mean for cyberbullying and online interactions. 

Youth have a voice and they have skills; all we have to do is listen. 

* * *

Saugeen Fitness and Spa, in Mount Forest is celebrating its 13th anniversary on May 13. The community is invited out for a free gym workout, class or tan. The day will also offer refreshments and 13 prizes.

The spa will also be offering a Splashpad Fundraiser Paint Night on June 7. 

To contact Saugeen Fitness and Spa visit saugeenfitness.com or call 519-509-9090. 

* * *

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