Breakfast an opportunity to focus on safety on farm and at home

MOUNT FOREST – The fifth annual Wellington Farm and Home Safety Association pancake breakfast was held March 7 at the St. Mary’s Catholic Church Hall here.

Association representative Walter Grose said the event is a good opportunity to remind the public about the everyday dangers that lurk on their farms and in their homes.

“Safety on the farm is very important because … you get complacent or everything is normal. Dealing with the cows is normal or dealing with the chemicals … is normal, but we want to make sure that people that come to visit the farm know, or that we remind the farmers that ‘Hey! What we’re dealing with is very dangerous, and you need to remember. So have respect for safety around the farm,” said Grose.

Displays included an electrical safety booth highlighting, Grose said, “what kids should know if a wire’s hanging down in the barn or there’s a wire exposed.”

A gun safety display was also part of the event.

“Gun safety  is something people don’t think about very much … but even if you’re just going to the back of the farm hunting, you need to be aware of safety.”

A chemical station illustrated  “that Windex that you use  an awful lot in the house looks a lot like Kool Aid so make sure your kids don’t get that confused.”

Common farm hazards like tractor power takeoffs (PTOs) and grain bin dangers were also highlighted.

PTOs said Grose, “are very dangerous, because you can get your clothes wrapped up in a PTO very quickly.”

As for grain bins, Grose noted, “Once the grain starts going out you can be trapped in six seconds and you cannot be recovered.”

A quiz on common farm hazards and displays by the Wellington County OPP and Wellington North Fire Department were also part of the event.