Birthday wishes brought to Wellington Terrace

Birthday wishes – Donata Cellucci turned 88 on April 18, but due to quarantine restrictions, her family was unable to visit her in the Wellington Terrace, so they brought the party to her. Holding up the message of “happy birthday” are from left: Craig Cellucci, Manny Cellucci, Danielle Schwindt, Brian Dodds, Richard Moen, Lisa Dodds, Nancy Langeder and great grandson Owen Cellucci. Holding the sign “Nonna” are, from left: Brandon Cellucci, Anita Moen and Brittany Cellucci.                                                                                         

Birthday wishes – Owen Celluci, 9, brought birthday wishes to the window of his great-grandmother, Donata Cellucci who lives at the Wellington Terrace on April 18, to celebrate her 88th birthday. While she watched her family from the window, holding up signs spread apart that read “Happy Birthday Nonna.” The staff at the Terrace opened the window so Donata could hear her family sing to her.

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