Big Brothers Big Sisters of Centre Wellington receive great big tiny cheque

FERGUS – Organizers of the Enchanted Forest of Fergus have donated $2500 to Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Centre Wellington after their fall event. 

Executive Director for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Centre Wellington, Brad Mulligan couldn’t be happier with the donation. 

“The support that [The Enchanted Forest of Fergus] has offered as a community member and offering the event itself is greatly appreciated. 

“The funding goes directly into our programs and toward serving local youth in Centre Wellington,” Mulligan said. 

“It was a great opportunity for our staff and a couple of our board members to have a small part in it. 

“It’s definitely an event that we very much enjoy for personal and professional reasons.”

Co-founder Julia Zimmerman is happy to be able to give back. 

“Children and their imaginative thinking play a crucial role in shaping our approach to the Forest.” 

“We’re thrilled to support them and hope this donation will have a significant impact on youth in our community and on the work that Big Brothers Big Sisters is doing,” she said.

“Our goal next year is to expand and be in a position to support our community in even greater ways.”

Since their flagship event in September of 2022, the organizers have donated a total of $7500 to BBBS.

For more information about the annual event visit or to make a donation. 

Advertorial Writer