Belwood Lake CA opens for ice fishing

BELWOOD – Despite a relatively mild start compared to last year, winter has arrived in the Grand River watershed.

With cooler temperatures in late January and more winter-like conditions in the forecast, the Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) has opened ice fishing operations at Belwood Lake Conservation Area.

Conditions will be monitored regularly at the park to ensure the ice thickness meets safety requirements.

When the ice is too thin, the program will be suspended until it is safe to resume. Visitors can call the park directly at 519-843-2979 for up-to-date conditions.

Pinehurst Lake and Shade’s Mills conservation areas are closed for ice fishing. For more details, fees and park contact information, visit

The GRCA continues to urge caution. Recent colder temperatures allowed some ice formation on waterways, but the ice in many locations is thin and unstable.

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