Arthur seniors euchre and cribbage results

ARTHUR – Seniors euchre results from Jan. 28 in Arthur: Yellow cards: first Margaret  Hall  and  Eleanor  Monaghan, tied; lone  Hands  Carolyn  Curtis; low Jean  Jackson (Fergus).

White  Cards: first Mike Wick, second Henry Curtis; lone  Hands  Cliff  Ellsom  and  Stephen  Truchan, tied; low Albert  Dolmer.


Cribbage, Feb. 14: first Eleanor  Monaghan, secondDavid  Walsh.

Feb. 18 euchre

Seniors euchre results from Feb. 18 in Arthur: Yellow cards: first Carolyn  Curtis  and Joyce  Culp, tied, line hands Marie  Speiran, low Jean Jackson.

White  Cards: first Mike  Wick, second Jim  Goodfellow, lone hands Cliff  Ellsom, low Henry Curtis and Bill Emburgh.


Results from Feb. 21: first Bill  Dennis, second Eleanor  Monaghan, third Paul  Nielsen and fourth  Loretta  Leachman.