Arthur lamp posts sport banners for Pride, local history

ARTHUR – The Arthur Business Improvement Area (BIA) has purchased two sets of  banners and put them up through downtown. 

The first set displays the progressive Pride flag, which includes black and brown stripes to represent 2SLGBTQIA+ people of colour, and blue, pink and white stipes to represent transgender people. 

“The Arthur BIA feels that it is important to display the progressive Pride flag so that each member of our community feels welcome to show up as their full self and be embraced by the community,” officials state. 

“Inclusion is strength and an inclusive community is what any community should strive to be; one where neighbours show up for neighbours.  

“Arthur has traditionally prided itself on being a welcoming community and as the community grows we want to ensure that our welcoming spirit embraces diversity in order to continue as it has in the past.”

 The second set of banners celebrates notable persons and buildings in the Village of Arthur throughout its history.  

In this set, each banner has a QR code with a recorded description of the person or building located on the respective pole.  

The BIA is hoping the banners bring engagement and celebration of Arthur’s rich history.   

The banners were designed by Haley Rooney, along with Paula Coffey, Caroline Paquet and Angela Alaimo and produced by Sign Matters in Mount Forest.   

Jeff McKee and the Wellington County Museum and Archives provided photographs,  the QR code descriptions are read by Hannah Coffey, and Paula Coffey and Melissa Kooiman designed the QR code wraps. 

Wellington North Power helped with installation.   

A BIA representative will be available at the Canada Day weekend market on Saturday in Arthur to help people access the QR codes. 

For updates, follow arthurdowntownbia  on Instagram. 

Community News Staff