And so it begins

At long last vaccines are starting to be given to the general population.

Currently those over 80 years old are being invited to register for their shot.

This follows a program designed to vaccinate those in the health field as well as very vulnerable seniors in long-term care homes.

The anticipation of the vaccine and a booster to follow in a few weeks’ time was a while coming, but now that it is here, many are sighing with a sense of relief.

Anything we can do to get us closer to a return to normal is welcome.

Recognizing the anxiety that comes with any type of shot, let alone during a pandemic, extra effort was taken when our reporters attended the opening of the Fergus sportsplex as a mass vaccination site.

Details of what to expect and how to get on the list are in this week’s Advertiser.

A priority list is being compiled and qualifying residents will be contacted for an appointment. Word to date is that it has been a relatively easy process.

In the weeks ahead, residents will need to remain patient as officials work their way through the various degrees of priority.

The march toward normalcy is underway.

It cannot come soon enough.