Alumnae gather for Fergus District High School Class of ‘58 reunion

Class of ‘58 reunion – Twelve alumnae of Fergus District High School’s graduating class of 1958 celebrated over 61 years since their graduation, gathering at 215 Scotland Street in Fergus on Sept. 11. Although some of the group’s members are spread out as far as Alberta and Australia, most still live in southern Ontario and classmates that were contacted were enthusiastic about the reunion, officials say. Special cards were signed by all present at the recent reunion to be sent to farther afield friends, along with a group photo. The classmates went for a luncheon at Fergus’ Black and White restaurant, which many of the former students visited frequently during their school days. Three members of the group worked at the restaurant at one time. Afterwards the group gathered in the party room at the 215 Scotland Street condo building in Fergus. There they perused old photos, dance programs from the “At Home” prom, news items of their graduation banquet, a newspaper clipping of their Grade 13 marks, and their graduation ceremony program while snacking on ‘50s-era snacks including Coke and root beer ice cream floats, crackers spread with Cheez Whiz and chips and dip. Each person gave a brief resume of her life since high school. A moment of silence was observed for one of the ladies who passed away a few years ago. It was noted that it may be the last time the whole group is able to get together. Members remarked that they were pleased to see the old Fergus District High School on Tower Street once again open its doors as the new Emmanuel Christian High School.