Alternative donations

As I catch my breath after the whirlwind that is the holiday season, I like to take a look back and reflect on the past year.  

While I try to do the regular “eat healthier” and “exercise more,” I also make a concerted effort to donate to the not-for-profits I support. There are so many organizations out there that could use my help but there’s only one of me. So I try to narrow my focus to just one or two – and it isn’t always monetary. I often donate my time and the appreciation I receive makes the couple hours I take out of my week so worth it. 

Local businesses have even more reach and influence. 

I recently heard that The Door Youth Centre in Arthur accepts donations of old electronics from businesses. When the item is recycled, The Door receives money (based on weight of the item).

I just want to take a moment to give a shout out to the businesses participating in this program.

Electronics that would otherwise probably just go into the trash are offering a unique fundraising effort for a volunteer-run organization that provides shelter and meals to youth. 

I don’t know about you, but that inspires me to find alternative ways to make a donation. Business owners, why not take a look in your community and see if there’s any way you can donate in an alternative way? 

Whether you already do so, or come up with a great idea, I’d love to hear about it. 

By sharing you’re idea you may just inspire others to come up with their own way to donate, sometimes with very minimal financial costs. 

I understand that everyone is tapped out after the holidays, but now is the time to step up and make those donations at off-peak times. Not-for-profits need support year-round. 

The retail cannabis stores debate continues. Puslinch Township was the first and Wellington North the second to opt-in for cannabis retail stores, while Mapleton joined Erin and Centre Wellington in opting out. Minto and Guelph-Eramosa will decide next week.

Wellington County is also on track for its first distillery. While Dixon’s Distilled Spirits is owned and operated by Wellington County residents, it is located in Guelph. The first in Wellington is headed for Mapleton. 

Currently, Pepprell Distilling Co.’s Pepprell Gin is made by hand in Vaughn by Last Straw Distillery Corp. Recently it was announced that Pepprell will open its own manufacturing facility in Mapleton in July.

Mount Forest is welcoming a new owner and new business.  Dr. Ashish Prajapati recently took over the North Wellington Animal Hospital at 248 Main Street South in Mount Forest. Southern Crispy Chicken has arrived to 514  Main Street in Mount Forest. The restaurant has taken over the former Mount Forest chamber building. 

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