All but two committee, board positions filled for Wellington North members

KENILWORTH – With the exception of two appointments, all committee and board positions represented by Wellington North members have been filled.

“I think the intent that I was recommending was to try to stay status quo as much as possible,” Mayor Andy Lennox told council at a Dec. 5 meeting announcing the appointments.

The Wellington North Power board of directors is seeking a community representative who will assist in managing business and affairs of the corporation on behalf of shareholder townships, Wellington North and Southgate.

Those interested in helping to shape the future of Wellington North Power, as a notice from Wellington North township stated, were able to submit an application for the position to township CAO Brooke Lambert until Dec. 12. A formal appointment of the community representative will be made in the early new year.

The property standards committee is also looking for someone, but the position isn’t likely to be posted until the new year.

The appointments are:

– Wellington North Cultural Roundtable: Penny Renken; 

– Mount Forest Chamber of Commerce: Lisa Hern;

– Arthur and District Chamber of Commerce: Lisa Hern;

– Wellington County Farm Safety Committee: Steve McCabe;

– Mount Forest BIA board: Sherry Burke;

– Arthur BIA board: Lisa Hern;

– Saugeen Valley Drinking Water Source Protection Committee: John Fruin;

– Ausauble Bayfield Maitland Valley Source Protection Committee: Allan Rothwell;

– Maitland Valley Conservation Authority: Ed Podniewicz;

– Maitland Source Protection Authority: Ed Podniewicz;

– Grand River Conservation Authority: Lisa Hern;

– Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority: Steve McCabe;

– Wellington North Health Professional Recruitment Committee: Steve McCabe;

– North Wellington Health Care Corporation Louise Marshall Hospital oard of Directors: Sherry Burke;

– Upper Grand Trailway Wellington Sub Committee: Steve McCabe, Penny Renken;

– Lynes Blacksmith Shop Committee: Sherry Burke;

– Parks, Recreation and Leisure Committee: Penny Renken and Steve McCabe;

– Mount Forest Pool Ad-Hoc committee: Sherry Burke, Penny Renken;

– Mount Forest Fireworks Festival Committee: Sherry Burke, Dale Small; and

– Wellington North Safe Communities: Brooke Lambert.

Community News Staff