Above average number of new building permits issued in Wellington North for second consecutive year

KENILWORTH – For the second year in a row, the number of building permits issued by the Wellington North building department has surpassed a 10-year average.

Last month, data for 2022 was presented in a council agenda, showing the department issued 414 building permits — an increase of 50 permits from the 364 issued in 2021 and 148 permits above the current 10-year average of 266 permits.

In 2020, the township issued 225 permits, below a 10-year average of 235 at the time, but in 2021 and 2022 the amount of permits issued has remained above average.

There were significant spikes in the number of permits issued in September and November last year, which chief building official Darren Jones explained was because the entire first phase of the Cachet Development permits, split into two batches, were issued.

“[In] October, we didn’t have time to issue many permits because of the high demand for inspections — same is true for August,” Jones wrote in an email to the Community News.

All of the 414 permits have been issued, Jones stated, but not all of the construction associated with them has begun.

The following is a breakdown of permits issued by type:

– 248 residential permits (resulting in 269 new dwellings);

– 34 industrial, commercial and institutional permits;

– 74 agricultural permits;

– 30 septic system permits;

– 22 demolition permits.

There is a construction value of $110 million associated with the permits issued in 2022, and they will generate $884,503 in fees, and $3.3 million in development charges.