Above all, a Superior Roof

Superior Steel Roofing Systems Inc. is a second-generation roofing company that has been installing roofs in this part of Ontario since the late 1950’s. Back then, of course, the asphalt shingle was the product of choice. Times have changed, and it’s all for the good! The hint, of course, lies in the current company name – steel roofing.

You’ll likely have noticed these gorgeous roofs in and around the Guelph-Wellington area. They’re becoming more and more common, which is hardly surprising, given the benefits. Fortunately for us, Superior Steel Roofing is dedicated to providing this much sought-after, high-quality product.

The company is locally owned and operated. It offers leading edge technology, exceptional products, superb installation and the best customer service. The shakes and trim are manufactured in their facility using Canadian-made steel, which is coated in a tough, extremely durable GDM finish. The shingles are stylish, extremely long-lasting, and come in a range of colours. They add beauty and notable value to your home. And they are extremely eco-friendly. In fact, all things considered, steel shingles are arguably the best option for topping off your living space. Did we mention that they are also maintenance-free?

It gets better. Modern steel roofing is incredibly resilient, featuring a GDM coating that resists the elements better than any other material. The range of finishes – along with matching screws and washers from top quality suppliers – means a steel roof can be matched to suit any home.


Of course, unless you are building a new home, odds are you already have an asphalt shingle roof over your head. Another huge benefit to a steel roof is that it can be installed right on top of your existing roof. Superior Steel Roofing uses a wooden “cross-strapping system”. This method entails installing layers of perpendicular beams. These create a natural ventilation system, with no pockets of trapped air. The use of this system means there’s no need to strip so much as a single asphalt shingle, which in turn means no waste to add to our already overburdened landfills!

The use of specially ordered, colour-matched screws and washers to fasten their shakes means that there will be no “nails popping” when the wood shrinks and contracts. Anyone who knows even the smallest amount about construction will tell you that screws are better than nails in the majority of securing applications.

There’s also a pretty impressive list of secondary benefits that come along with a steel roof. They shed snow quickly and easily, without any intervention, which is an important consideration, given our challenging Ontario winters! The snow guards are made from a durable UV stable poly-carbonate, colour matched to your Superior Steel Roof. Steel roofs also tend to lighten the load on your eavestroughs – homeowners frequently dig out a lot of shingle pebbles during their annual cleaning. No pebbles with a steel roof, so it can drastically reduce the difficulty and frequency of eavestrough maintenance.

Okay. You’re no doubt beginning to see that installing a Superior Steel roof on your home makes sense in so many ways. And we’re not quite done yet. All other considerations aside, putting a steel roof on your home is a solid investment, adding undisputed value to your property. And the roof is backed by a remarkable, and fully transferable, fifty-year warranty. That’s fifty years, people!


The customer service, work ethic, and reliability of the Superior Steel Roofing team is equally impressive. All the work done, from start to finish, is handled entirely by Superior Steel Roofing’s own people. They don’t use sub-contractors. The employees are all paid hourly – there are no piece-work incentive systems in effect. This ensures that no job becomes a “rush job”. Every job is completed to the exceptionally high standards demanded by the company.

All Superior Steel Roofing employees are very highly trained throughout all phases of their trade. Roofing, after all, is a potentially risky occupation. Consequently, the company takes the safety of their employees very seriously indeed.

All training is performed on site, and the company retains safety personnel on a full-time basis, who focus entirely on all safety aspects of the job. This is a crucially important issue for Superior Steel Roofing. It goes without saying that they want all their employees to return home to their families, safe and sound, each day.

The bar on quality-control within the company has been set high, and is achieved and constantly maintained. A solid reputation of quality product and service is another area of extreme importance to them. It ensures their ongoing success going forward.

We should mention, too, of course, that a steel roof works for pretty much any application, not just private homes. Commercial buildings, churches, and farm buildings also benefit hugely from the installation of one of these roofs.

Since steel roofing is such a major investment, isn’t it worth spending your money on superior quality materials and installation? Make a smart choice and use a reputable company who is already well established locally. Superior Steel Roofing Systems offers a beautiful product, with unmatched quality and durability. You’re not just investing in a roof. You’re investing in confidence and peace of mind, knowing that you’re covered by one of the best products and out there, with a warranty to match.

Transform the look of your home and enjoy the ease of life with a gorgeous steel roof installed by people who place a high value on quality and customer satisfaction.

Superior Steel Roofing Systems Inc is located at:

15 Monarch Rd, Guelph
Tel: 1 888-617-7663

“Not all metal roofs are created equally. You owe it to yourself to learn why we are Superior!”