A selfless gift

The wonders of modern medicine continue to amaze.

That idea married with people willing to donate organs has led to many miracles for many families.

Just this week we heard of a great story where a young man needing a kidney had two potential donors – his mother and mother-in-law were both viable candidates. The patient recovered well and is leading a normal life again. Talk about a gift.

Through modern techniques a woman in Wellington County was able to carry her sister’s child to full term, granting the awesome privilege of motherhood. That is some sister.

Tragedy beset another local family whose son was killed in an accident. His organs were saved and will provide the gift of a better life for a stranger or strangers. It would help greatly if others considered the concept of organ donation.

Interested parties can get involved by contacting Service Ontario or proceeding to www.beadonor.ca for details.

Please, please, please

Longtime readers will recognize this plea for water safety.

It’s an annual thing on the part of the publisher or editor, after some personal close calls with drownings. Again this past week, newscasts have led with harrowing reports of water tragedies, some quite avoidable, others a case of summer happenstance.

There are many safety apparatuses available for poor swimmers or those boating on larger bodies of water. Rather than worry about looking cool, the really cool thing to do is wear a life jacket and know your limitations.

Accidents do happen and regrettably that is part of life, but we sincerely hope our readers have a safe summer and enjoy their holidays.