A different path

It’s amazing how the seasons change. The smell of spring is in the air as fields dry up and birds return to set up shop.

The transformation from a winter wonderland to sloppy fields has happened quickly this year. Warmer weather has a way of putting Canadians in a better mood. This is probably one of the biggest blessings living where we do, since there is little doubt about our seasonal timetable.

While enjoying the change, anticipating great things in the coming weeks, our mind does not stray far from a faithful friend who will miss much of spring’s changeover this year. A battle with cancer is taking its toll, ravaging his now frail body even more severely. It is pretty tough to watch, but were the shoe on the other foot, we believe he would be one of the first to visit, cracking jokes and lifting spirits.

Unwittingly, he continues to offer comfort to friends and family. Not once has he bemoaned his circumstance or lashed out against God for this bad luck, which is fairly certain to be terminal. Rather, his faith has been solidified, no better exemplified than by a statement this week that he’s taking a different path now. We can only imagine what he means, but admit to some humility that a relatively simple soul could be so poignant in thought and deed.

We are all given gifts in our life. Some can sing, others dance, some are great at math or the sciences, and others can write. A select few are great at Sports, with some leading the team while others make great assists. The talents each of us possess should be used to make those around us feel better or more comfortable – call it a contribution to others.

Standing in the way, it seems, of doing what we are great at, is the need to make a living. Striking the balance between poverty and comfort is tough when one’s given talents might not be big moneymakers. Our old buddy managed his talents by volunteering in Sports, with the Legion, other service groups, and his church, impacting many lives in a consistent yet subtle way.

With some luck he can get outdoors soon, even if it is only to feel the warm air of spring rush over him like a magic tonic, renewing his spirit as he takes a different path.