4-H Water Colour Club meets in Erin

ERIN – Mimosa 4-H Water Colour Club  Press Report: We held our third meeting on Sept. 3.

We followed all the procedures, hand sanitizer, six feet apart,  and masks. When everyone was seated we started the meeting with the 4-H Pledge led by Autumn.

We learned about water colour pencils and water brushes, how to use them and how to shade. We learned to never  start at the darkest colour but  start at the lightest colour. After we did a video on how to use water colour to make a sunflower card, followed by a sunflower painting as well. We ended the meeting with the 4-H motto and awaiting our parents or guardians to pick us up.

Meeting #4  We could no longer meet in person so our meetings changed format.

At this meeting every club member was sent an email of five different pumpkin paintings. A video was added so we could try it out. We were instructed to do at least one out of the five. On Oct. 7 we did a Zoom meeting to talk about how are painting turned out. Everyone showed their painting to the other club members. We ended the meeting with the 4-H motto led by the president, Autumn.

With everyone logging out,  it turned out to be an interesting part of the day.

Submitted by Alyssa Switzer – press reporter