4-H partners with TSC Stores

ROCKWOOD – 4-H Ontario will be partnering with TSC Stores to launch a new fundraising campaign in support of 4-H Ontario and the over 6,000 youth at 4-H clubs across Ontario.

From Aug. 14 to 24 patrons of TSC will be able to donate in support of 4-H and write their name on a paper 4-H clover to be displayed in store.

“We are extremely excited about this new initiative with TSC Stores,” said 4-H executive director Debra Brown.

“TSC Stores are a familiar sight to 4-H’ers, many supplies for the 4-H program come from TSC stores in these same communities.”

Jest Sidloski, director of marketing at Peavey Industries (TSC Stores) agrees wholeheartedly, “The positive effects of affiliations like this are far reaching and we are proud to know we are helping local 4-H clubs where we can.”