4-H Club bakes pies

MAPLETON – On Sept. 25, Mapleton 4-H held the third meeting of the Mapleton Baking Club. Members baked pies. They made apple, pumpkin, blueberry and cherry.  

First we made the dough and we had to be careful that we didn’t roll it too much or else it would be tough and hard to chew!  Once we finished rolling the dough, we put it in small pie tins. We than got to choose what kind of filling we each wanted to have in our pie. While thy were baking we looked at different types of flour, like almond flour, corn flour and rice flour.

On Oct. 2 the group held its fourth meeting.

We baked squares. We split into five groups and made Lemon bars, mini cheesecakes, veggie squares, magic squares and blonde brownies.  We judged them and talked about creaming butter and sugar.

Press Reporters – Olivia Lennox and Charlotte van der Meulen