4-H baking club creates cookies

MAPLETON – The first meeting of Mapleton 4-H baking club, “The Best of the Bakery” was held on Sept. 13.

Members split into four groups and made four different kinds of cookies.

We made sugar cookies, brown sugar cookies, haystacks and chocolate chip cookies.

After we judged all of the cookies, we brainstormed to see how many kinds of cookies we could come up with and ended up with 50 different kinds.

We talked about what was good about our cookies and what went wrong.

We also elected our officers: president Kinsey, vice president Lauren; secretary Kate,  press reporters – Olivia and Charlotte.

Second meeting

On Sept. 18, we had the second meeting of the Mapleton baking club.

We were baking muffins and quick bread.

We split into four groups and made banana chocolate chip muffins, blueberry muffins, cheddar cheese loaf and pumpkin loaf. We also judged them.

After, we each read little facts about quick bread and matched different baked items to their descriptions.

Submitted by press reporters
Olivia Lennox and Charlotte van der Meulen

Olivia Lennox and Charlotte van der Meulen