4-H Acrylic Painting Club holds meetings

WELLINGTON COUNTY – This year we are following health guidelines and having our 4-H meetings via Zoom. The first meeting of the Acrylic Painting Club was held on March 11 from 6:15 to 8:15pm. We had about 50 members following the step by step instructions. We opened by repeating the 4-H Pledge.

After a long roll call to introduce ourselves we decided between two possible paintings. Our chosen one was a seascape sunset. By following along with our leader, June, with help from leaders, Carol, Jennifer and Theresa, most members had great results.

We then learned how to clean and care for our brushes. We closed with the 4-H motto, Learn To Do By Doing.

The second meeting of the 4-H Acrylic Painting Club was held on March 18.

To start, June put up a poll with two different daisy paintings.

One painting was daisies with a background of wooden boards. The one that was chosen was an evening sky with long blades of grass and  beautiful daisies. June led us through the painting, and about halfway done we split up into breakout rooms. We talked about what techniques were hardest with the previous painting last week. After we went back into the main meeting and continued on. At around 8:10 we closed the meeting with the 4-H motto.

Submitted by Alyssa Switzer

Alyssa Switzer