Women, Work and WWII at county museum

A travelling fibre art exhibit by artist, Johnnene Maddison, of Lon­don, Ontario is on display at Well­ington County Museum and Archives. 

Inspired by real-life experi­ences of women during the Second World War, 30 fibre art pieces supplemented by World War II posters, research mater­ial and collectables explore how women were portrayed dur­ing the war years. Maddison honours women’s contributions while exploring the myths and realities of “women’s work.”

The show runs until Nov. 9 but the display is not open to the public on Sept. 20 and Oct. 18 because of gallery concert programs.

The museum is located on County Road 18, between Fer­gus and Elora.

For more information visit wcm.on.ca or phone 519-846-0916 ext. 232.