Wellington 4-H Lego club holds meeting, builds mechanical items

The first meeting of the 4-H Lego club was held in Mimosa Church July 28.

The club requirements were outlined and the 12 members received a Lego kit assignment to work through for the evening.

On Aug. 4, the club had its second meeting. The first thing the group did was to begin its first projects by building structures from the booklets.

After starting building the structures, the group met at the center of the room, and had the election of officers.

After voting James Bailey was elected to be president, and Brittany Thomson, vice president. Brooklynne was elected as  secretary, and Tyler Woznuk was vice secretary in charge of photography.

Leader, June Switzer discussed how everyone would be at different levels of building the Lego structures. We then discussed the different topics or challenges we will be assigned during a different time period.

We were happy to learn students of engineering from the University of Waterloo were coming Aug, 11.

Those students brought a robot they had entered in international competition last spring to demonstrate and discussed with us.

We also talked about Achievement night for Lego 4-H and if we would like to have this as a contest or just for fun building. After a vote by the members the Achievement night would be a contest on Aug. 25.

The next two hours were used to build mechanical items with our specialized Lego engineering kits. With an hour left, lots of people starting finishing their projects.

All that was done at 9:30pm and taking apart and kit inventory was the last duty of the evening before the meeting finished by saying the 4-H motto.