Wellington 4-H holds battery fundraiser

Every year the Wellington County 4-H Association holds various fundraisers in an effort to support the 4-H programs offered throughout Wellington County

The battery drive is one way that people can support its youth program and help the environment by recycling old equipment and car batteries.

Batteries are considered haz­ard waste and must be dis­posed of carefully because of the acid in them.

For every bat­tery that is dropped off, Well­ington 4-H receives a gratuity from Battery Pro, which picks them up and recycles them.

In the past, the club has rais­ed close to $3,000, and is hop­ing to raise that again this year.

Businesses across the county are working with the 4-H Club as drop off sites. Used car, equipment, and lawn mower bat­teries can be dropped off at the following locations:

– Elmira Farm Service, Mount Forest;

– Watson Tractor and Equipment, Mount Forest;

– North Wellington Co-op, Mount Forest;

– Epoch’s Garage, Kenil­worth;

– North Wellington Tire, Kenilworth;

– Midtown Auto Repair, Arthur;

– Sprucegreen Truck and Tractor, Drayton;

– Shantz Equipment, Alma;

– ESM Farm Equipment, Wallenstein;

– Gary Cooper GM, Elora;

– Ennotville Garage, Elora;

– Hayden’s Garage, Guelph;

– Swanston Farm Equip­ment, Rockwood;

– Ed Stewarts Equipment, Erin;

– Stewarts New Holland, Erin;

– Floradale Garage, Flora­dale; and

– Stoltz Sales and Service, Elmira.

Take batteries to any of those locations to help the organization reach its goal. The club thanks everyone in ad­vance for their donations and especially thanks the busines­ses involved.