Wastewater treatment report indicates township still has capacity to grow

KENILWORTH – A recent report on the township’s year-to-date wastewater treatment plant flows indicates there is potential room to grow in Wellington North.

The topic came up at the Oct. 21 council meeting.

Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) reports on monthly flows through the township’s wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) in Arthur and Mount Forest. Staff consolidated this information to provide council with more current information about wastewater treatment flows.

Councillor Steve McCabe stated “it’s nice we are still operating within capacity in Arthur and some good room in Mount Forest to expand as well.”

Mayor Andy Lennox added, “a few years ago we were operating over capacity in Arthur and the work on inflow and infiltration has gotten us back down to where we ought to be (for usage).”

“It puts us in a better position for growth in Arthur and Mount Forest.”

Lennox added there is plenty of interest in more housing in those urban areas.