Two plans for 2Rivers Festival:Organizers ready for online or in-person event

GUELPH – Wellington Water Watchers will once again be hosting the 2Rivers Festival through May and June.

This is the 10th anniversary of the event, that celebrates the Speed and Eramosa rivers, which meet in Guelph.

This year’s theme: The Confluence of Rivers, Peoples and their Stories.

Those stories include the ecological story, the drinking water story, the stories of First Nations people, and stories of strength and resilience.

Once again, this year’s 2Rivers Festival is a series of free events that are either online, or along the Speed and Eramosa Rivers if COVID restrictions allow.

Since the festival’s beginning in 2012, people have gathered to share, enjoy, and discover all that these rivers bring to the regional community.

Guelph’s river system is its most important ecological, cultural and recreational feature, organizers say, and the 2Rivers Festival is a forum to showcase and celebrate these two beautiful rivers and to engage the community in regenerating the river ecosystems.

“We extend our sincere thanks to all the participating host organizations,” stated Arlene Slocombe, executive director of Wellington Water Watchers.

“It is particularly challenging to organize an event in these ever-changing and uncertain conditions and we are deeply grateful to each event host for the flexibility and adaptability they have shown in the planning of this festival.”

Festival guidebooks

For the past several years, the 2Rivers festival has printed festival guidebooks to promote its events. This year, organizers have switched to a fully digital platform for promotion, which will allow adjusting event details as COVID-19 realities change.

“Our hope is that your participation in the Festival will encourage the citizens of Guelph to advocate for the protection and conservation of these local waters and all the peoples who call this place home,” said Rob Case, chair of the Wellington Water Watchers.

“With your help, we can all work together to ensure that future generations will have even greater opportunities to enjoy clean water and healthy rivers.”

Events planned

Among the events planned for the festival:

-Clair-Maltby’s Threatened Heritage – A Self-driving Tour;

-Sacred Water Walk;

-Take 2 Nature Cleanup;

-Rhyme Capsules – Songwriting Workshop;

-Medicinal Plant Walk;

-DIY Water Filtration System;

– Birds and Their Migrations; and

-Garlic Mustard Pull & Pesto-Making Workshop.

There will also be talks on river restoration, a panel discussion on conservation authorities  and a community tree planting day.

For more information and to register, please visit: