Second ‘Lights Up! The Performing Arts Return’ workshop held

SPARC workshop – The second workshop in the Lights Up! The Performing Arts Return series hosted by Supporting the Performing Arts in Rural and Remote Communities (SPARC) was held at the Maryborough Community Centre in Moorefield on May 14.

The topic was Wellness  in the Performing Arts and included presentations focused on the recovery of members of the artistic community from pandemic-related disruptions. Professional musician Brenda Manderson, at keyboard, led a musical session with, from left: Krystal Layh, Eleanor Butt, Anna Cuomo, Peggy Raftis and Gordon Duff.

Two more workshops in the series are planned: Welcoming Everyone, with a focus on building inclusive communities on June 11 at the Fergus Grand Theatre, and a session on networking and promotion on June 26 at Motus O dance theatre near Mount Forest. More information at Eventbrite under: Lights Up! The Performing Arts Return.