Planning for the Minto Farmers’ Market underway

On Dec. 8, interested farmers, businesses, artisans, politicians, community health representatives, and community members met in Clifford to begin planning for the opening of the Minto Farmers’ Market.

Minto business and economic manager Belinda Wick-Graham explained that after an initial meeting in the spring there was enough interest to proceed with a Farmers’ Market.  Those in attendance at the Minto Farmers’ Market community information meeting heard a special presentation by the Executive Director of Farmers’ Markets Ontario, Robert Chorney. 

He has helped organize over 100 farmers’ markets and is the co-author of Sharing the Harvest, the first-ever Cana­dian how-to handbook on how to build farmers’ markets and how farmers’ markets build communities. The purpose of the presentation was to assist the community in building a market that will succeed; a community-driven, producer-based market that features home grown produce, home made crafts, and value added products where vendors are the primary producers.

Topics of the evening included: advertising, special events, and partnerships to name just a few.

At the end of the meeting a steering committee was formed and will be meeting monthly in an effort to have the market open for the summer of 2009.

More members are always welcome. Any farmers or a producers of home made goods who are interested in selling at the Minto Farmers’ Market should contact the steering committee.

For more information or to express interest in selling or volunteering at the market call 519-338-2511 extension 41.