Online Tartan Day concert set for April 6

FERGUS – WeeAlec Productions is presenting “National Tartan Day Concert … An at Home Celebration” on April 6.

Sponsored by the Fergus Scottish Festival, the event starts at 7:30pm and tickets – $20 or pay what you can – are available at or

Ticket holders will have access to about 90 minutes of concert footage until 11:30pm on April 11.

Featured artists are:

Tartan Day, a celebration of Scottish culture and heritage, became a Canadian national day of observance in 2010.

In Canada the idea was born in Nova Scotia at the 1986 meeting of the Federation of Scottish Clans. The original impetus was to celebrate and promote interest in young Nova Scotians about their deep Scottish roots.

April 6 was chosen because it is the date of the 1320 signing of the Declaration of Arbroath, the date of Scottish independence.

For more information contact Scott Moir at 519-820-4430 or