Obstetrical team wins award

The Palmerston and District Hospital (PDH) obstetrical team was honoured for the third time in three years with a recognition award for achievement in implementing the MORE OB patient safety program.

The PDH obstetrical team of physicians, nurses, midwives and hospital leaders received the award for outstanding performance in the application of knowledge, communication and teamwork to make patient safety the priority and the responsibility of everyone on the birthing unit.

“It’s a team effort and celebration,” explained Dr. Tanya Norman, MORE OB  Core team physician.

“With the program we have developed a shared knowledge base and a common language that fosters clear communication and efficient management of obstetrical risks. Our team is cohesive and we are able to provide a safe, family centered model of practice.”

PDH patient care manager Nancy Cleary added, “We have been diligent with our OB team in applying the principles of the program to support a culture of patient safety with our hospital. The program structure is based on: patient safety as the priority, effective communication, teamwork, elimination of hierarchy in emergencies, practice for emergencies, and reflective learning.”