New music festival to make debut in Erin

ERIN – The first annual Carrot Stock music festival  is taking place on Sept. 21.

The festival celebrates a partnership between Guelph Community Health Centre and Everdale, a not-for-profit farm.

The two organizations are creating solutions for hungry people in the community.

According to statistics from University of Toronto’s Centre for Food Insecurity Policy Research, about 20,000 people (13% of the population) in Guelph and Wellington are food insecure.

That means they do not have consistent access to healthy food.

When someone is severely food insecure they regularly have to miss meals and significantly limit the quality of the food they eat.

When someone is moderately food insecure they often reduce the quantity and quality of their food to make ends meet and they worry about not having enough money to buy food.

Gavin Dandy, manager of the SEED food project at Guelph Community Health Centre, says it is time for Guelph and Wellington to find home-grown solutions for a problem that has plagued our community for decades and continues to grow.

“Food banks were created about 40 years ago to solve the problem of malnutrition in Canada,” said Dandy.

Carrot Stock is raising money and support for The SEED’s work.

Carrot Stock is an all-ages festival that takes place on Sept. 21 from noon to 8pm at Everdale Farm (5812 6th Line, Erin).

There are free bus shuttles from downtown Guelph to the farm as well as on-farm parking.  Tickets are for sale on Eventbrite at