Nestle proceeds with other plans despite Victoria Road decision

Nestlé Waters Canada expects to occupy its new warehouse expansion by year’s end and work has begun on realigning the company’s driveway with Gilmour Road.

Those announcements were made by Nestlé’s supply chain director Michel McArthur at last week’s meeting of Puslinch council.

But not surprisingly, much of the discussion with Nestlé officials revolved around the recent announcement the company was abandoning a Victoria Road site as a possible location for a secondary well.

Councillor Susan Fielding wanted to clarify that the company was still looking for a secondary source in Puslinch and asked when and where that well might be located.

“We don’t have a specific property in mind yet,” McArthur replied. “But the need still exists for us to have a back-up spring.”

And while he said Nestlé  will continue its search, McArthur hinted there’s a possibility the company will never find a suitable location in the municipality.

Fielding then asked what will become of the property located at 4295 Victoria Road South. McArthur said it will revert back to the original landowner as a result of Nestlé’s not exercising its option to purchase the land.

Councillor Matthew Bulmer asked if Nestlé will be observing procedures to ensure the test wells at the site are properly abandoned.

McArthur confirmed the company would be taking all necessary precautions to ensure that all regulations are followed during the decommissioning of the wells and that the land is returned to its original state. He added all neighbouring land owners received  a letter from Nestlé detailing the company’s decision to abandon the site.

In other News, McArthur said Nestlé will be meeting shortly with the county to discuss the agreement for the installation of traffic lights at the intersection of Brock and Gilmour Roads.

Also, the company should have a revised well protection agreement, including revisions suggested by Bulmer, available soon for council’s review, McArthur added.