Minto supports inclusion of Giant Hogsweed in Weed Control Act

Councillors here support efforts of Huron-Kinloss Township in its bid to have the province designate Giant Hogsweed to be included in the Weed Control Act.

In recent correspondence to Minto, the Huron County muni­cipality noted that the Giant Hogsweed has been located at numerous agricultural and residential areas.

Even though the plant can be a serious health hazard for humans, because it is not defined as a noxious week un­der the Weed Control Act, local weed control inspectors have limited abilities to deal with the issue.

As  a result, Huron-Kinloss is asking that the plant be designated under the Weed Con­trol Act so that weed inspectors can take action.

Deputy-mayor Judy Dirk­sen read Minto’s resolution of support.

She noted it is something councillors have discussed be­fore.

“The weed is a problem in our area as well, so it makes sense to support them.”

Council passed the resolution without further discussion.