Mimosa 4-H drama group offers Playing in The Dark 2, Dec. 21 and 22

The Mimosa 4-H drama club is just one more of the ­Town Of Erin’s well-kept secrets.
For nearly 15 years, the local 4-H youth who were interested in something other than livestock or homemaking skills have been meeting at Mimosa United Church to practice and perform material ranging from short plays to full length musicals. Almost every summer, the group has trans­formed the old horse shed be­hind the beautiful stone church on County Road 26 into a rus­tic theatre venue.
The two years when there were no summer shows the group performed Christmas shows in the church sanctuary. In addition to those shows in 2001, the group was chosen by the Canadian 4-H Council (since it was the largest 4-H drama group in Canada) to produce and be filmed, profes­sionally, for The Barn Dance PSA that aired throughout Can­ada. Unfortunately it was not seen as often in Ontario as it was in British Columbia and Alberta, but it was a great experience for the nearly 45 members who participated.
In 2007, the Mimosa 4-H Drama club received approval and a small grant from Sears Canada and the Canadian 4-H Council to produce a Black Light Theatre show. The goal was to create a series of black light vignettes set to music to develop the members’ theatre and creative skills and raise some money for the local community.
That created an opportunity for the members to provide low cost family entertainment for the community and help finan­ci­ally some local groups.
In producing a black light show it is necessary to have a profes­sional type theatre because the production re­quires complete blackouts. Any phan­tom light destroys the magical effect of the black light and fluorescent costuming and props. In May, Century Church theatre was the site for the group’s first two performances.
There was a near sellout crowd that ranged in age from toddlers to seniors. The pro­ceeds from the two shows were divided between Special Friends and the Mimosa Church Mission Funds.
At present, there are about 25 drama club members rang­ing in age from 10 to 20. There have been a few additions since the spring show in the form of younger brothers and sisters who were recruited to fit cer­tain costume assignments.
The 4-H black light pro­gram is the first of its kind in Canada. Inspiration came from the Famous People Players Troupe, in Toronto. The players dress in black, wearing hoods. All numbers are performed in the dark and the only illumi­na­tion is through black fluores­cent tubes.
The black light illuminates the costumes and props that have been painted with fluores­cent materials. During any num­ber there may be from 5 to 25 actors on the stage, manipu­lating the props. It is a musical com­bination of dance, move­ment, light, art, story telling, drama and magic.
The Christmas program, Playing In The Dark 2 has 20 magical vignettes for all ages, including a few Christmas numbers.
Tickets are $10 and the 4-H club intends to turn over all pro­ceeds to the Century Church theatre to purchase its new sound equipment. Shows are Dec. 21 and 22 at 7pm, and Dec. 22 at 2pm. Tickets are available by calling 519-855-4201 or 519-855-6336.