Mapleton’s Organic receives funding

A local diary producer has been awarded a $7,000 marketing grant from the provincial government.

Perth-Wellington MPP John Wilkinson announced last week that Mapleton’s Organic Dairy, located on Wellington Road 7, is one of the beneficiaries of the province’s plan to boost grassroots marketing efforts for Ontario foods.

Wilkinson said the grant will help strengthen the economy in the Mapleton area by encouraging more residents and businesses to buy locally grown food.

“I am delighted that Mapleton’s Organic Dairy is receiving this provincial grant,” he said.

“By supporting our local agricultural related businesses we are helping stimulate our rural economy. Everyone in Mapleton and area can benefit from the wonderful example set by Mapleton’s own innovative dairy.”

Mapleton’s Organic Dairy will conduct 65 product sampling/demonstration sessions of its yogurt and ice cream in Ontario retail stores (45 Sobeys, 20 independent).

At each product sampling, consumer flyers will be distributed and consumers will be invited to visit the farm with their family to better understand where their food comes from and how it can be produced.

This project is intended to be the first step towards building awareness and support of Ontario farmers and their products and encouraging people to buy locally.

The project is funded under the four-year, $12-million Ontario Market Investment Fund program, which helps develop economic opportunities through trade events, marketing campaigns and industry research initiatives that foster partnerships and collaboration to promote Ontario foods.

It is part of Ontario’s enhanced investment in ‘buy local’ initiatives.

“We are bringing together local food networks including producers, processors, retailers and individuals dedicated to selling the fresh foods that are grown and made right here in Ontario,” said Leona Dombrowsky, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.  

The Foodland Ontario program has expanded to include meat, dairy and eggs. Ontario’s agri-food industry contributes more than $33-billion to the Ontario economy and employs about 700,000 people.

“Working together, we make things better,” said Wilkinson.