Madison Galloway releases self-titled sophomore album

FERGUS – Madison Galloway, a blues-rock artist from Fergus, released a self-titled album on June 28. 

Galloway’s third album has 11 tracks – 10 originals and a cover of Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit. 

The genres range from “southern-rock to ballads to psychedelic songs.” 

The album took about four years to write, record and release.

The oldest song is Tides, written in early 2020. 

The newest is Devil at my Door, written in 2023. 

Her hit Open Your Eyes, which has over 125,000 streams, is also included.

Galloway told the Advertiser her initial intent wasn’t to create a full album.

“It is a collection of a bunch of songs I had written with Jason Kyle Hamor.”

She had never co-written before, but things began flowing quickly with Hamor.

She also had help from her mother Wendy Galloway and another writer, Stacey Shopsowitz.

The album’s themes and topics range widely. 

“Some are a bit more social, political environmental activism, and others are relationship-based, break-up songs and a positive love story,” Galloway said.

Galloway wasn’t always focused on a musical career. 

When she was younger, her dream job was to be an artist. 

Although she has always been passionate about music, it wasn’t until she was 12 with a couple of guitar lessons under her belt, that she could see herself becoming a musician. 

“I grew up in a music-loving household, music was always playing,” Galloway said. 

Her parents had placed her in piano lessons for 11 years but once she tried the guitar, she never looked back. 

“I loved playing the piano but I was more drawn to playing guitar … I felt I could be more creative,” Galloway added. 

When she was 15 she attended her first open mic and fell in love with performing. 

When asked about future albums, Galloway explained “more will come at some point.”

“I love the idea of recording and putting stuff on an album, but it is a lot of work, time and money,” she said. 

The next step in her musical career will be in England. 

Galloway has seven upcoming shows in the UK next month, opening for a Toronto-based band, The Commoners. 

Her keyboardist and a drummer from England will be alongside Galloway for the tour. 

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