‘Totally disrespectful’

Dear Editor:

I am writing to condemn your decision to publish the cartoon in the June 18 edition of the Advertiser.

I found it to be absolutely disgusting and totally disrespectful. For the cartoonist to draw an image of our prime minister in a position that could leave no one in doubt that it is in reference to the murder of George Floyd, which as we all well know, sparked protests against police brutality and racism not only in the U.S., but here in Canada and around the world, was completely tone deaf.

Seeing this cartoon shocked me, but did not surprise me, given the prevalent racism in this community.

To equate Justin Trudeau’s decision to kneel at protests/his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic with the contemptible murder of a Black man is typical of Wellington County in my opinion.

I believe that the cartoonist, you the editor, and the Advertiser, should issue a formal apology for publishing this cartoon, and commit to addressing racism within our community more wholeheartedly.

You should elevate more voices of People of Colour, particularly Black and Indigenous voices in our community, and commit to financially supporting local causes that address racism and injustice, as an apology is not enough.

It is long past time for the not-so-hidden racism in our community to be addressed, and as the only county-wide source of news, you have an obligation to do your part, starting with not running such disgusting cartoons as this week’s.

Madeleine Chauvin,