‘Terrible mistake’

Dear Editor:

I must retract my comments regarding stolen sheep in my Letter to the Editor in the July 21 edition of the Wellington Advertiser.

I recently made the horrific discovery that they were isolated in a back pen that is separated from the main barn by a stone wall and were there for a few weeks without water or feed as I separated during the shearing of our adult flock.  

They are expected to survive and are receiving treatment with the valued assistance of the University of Guelph Animal Clinic, which provides us with veterinary services.

I am sincerely humbled by this terrible mistake and am hopeful that the majority of the sheep will live productive lives on an Ontario sheep farm.

May I also emphasize that all Ontario farmers with livestock need to be vigilant to protect their animals from theft as it can be a devastating and ongoing problem for Ontario producers. 

Glenn Duff,