Stolen signs

Dear Editor:

I’m saddened and disgusted that the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) election signs have been deliberately removed. This is not only abhorrent but also illegal. To remove a sign is a destruction of private property and a criminal offence!

In Canada we have every right to support a political party. This is a new party and not a racist party in any capacity. The people that extremely disagree with the views of this party have not read the platforms and have only read what the media have been spewing, which is all hate rhetoric.

It’s important for everybody to do their due diligence and read every platform and educate themselves on each party; to not do your own reading is denying yourself accurate and proper information.

To listening to the media alone is very one-sided and is completely myopic.

If someone is found removing these signs they will be charged with a criminal offense.

Lori Gibbs,