In tears over speeding

Dear Editor:

An open letter to Guelph/Eramosa Mayor Chris White.

Once again I have come back from a walk through Eden Mills  in tears. I am 73, an essential worker (registered psychotherapist). I love my job but it can be taxing and I sit all day.

I bought myself a watch that keeps track of my steps so I can lose some COVID weight and get healthier. However, walking along my neighbourhood streets in Eden Mills literally has me in tears every time.

First of all, I do not feel safe as Barden Street does not have sidewalks. It has several curves that reduce the visibility of oncoming traffic and, as you know, cars come barreling through the village at 60 to 70km/h.  As well many of the cars are “souped” up and the drivers seem to take extra pleasure in gunning the engine and barely, if at all, stopping at the stop signs, rendering useless any semblance of traffic calming and safety.

I have only lived in the village since 2016, but I am aware that there have been multiple committees formed by the residents here to get something done so our streets are safe and speed limits are observed.

Nobody likes speed bumps – they are a pain, particularly when going over 20km/h, but that is the point.

People use the village to cut through from Guelph line to 29; that makes sense as it can be slow to go down to 25 or up to 7. The thing is that there is another cut through route using Indian Trail where the limit is 60 for a good part of it. That road has a much less dense residential population and is a much better option than coming through the village with its curves and turns and stop signs.

We really need a win/win here.  I pay more taxes on my small Eden Mills property than I did on my home near Christie Pits in Toronto.  I think it is reasonable that I should be able to take a walk in the evening along streets posted at 40km/h and not have to be frightened and disturbed by drivers breaking the law.

The residents of Eden Mills have gone to great lengths to offer corroborating data and ask for help with this. We are not asking for bylaws to be changed or roads to be changed or speed limits lowered. We are simply asking that we get some help with the enforcement of the current speed limit imposed  for very reasonable reasons.

I really should be able to walk the streets of this lovely village I live in with out fearing for my safety or enduring the juvenile antics of reckless drivers who take advantage of this rural community.

Please find a solution.

Yana Hoffman,
Eden Mills