‘Disrespectful, unfair’

Dear Editor:

RE: Totally disrespectful, June 25.

This letter correctly condemned the cartoon in the previous week’s publication, which the Advertiser itself, in the June 25 issue, acknowledged was “hurtful and not necessary.”

The contributor indicated that the cartoon was not surprising, “given the prevalent racism in this community.”  The writer then added that equating the prime minister’s actions “with the contemptible murder of a Black man is typical of Wellington County.”

It’s fair to ask whether the writer recognizes just how disrespectful and unfair this condemnatory stereotyping is to the minority of non-racists that the writer seems to suggest might exist in Wellington County, and who are unfortunate enough to also be members of a visible majority, and thus susceptible to unjust naming and shaming.

Even those who, according to your writer, comprise the racist general majority in our county would recognize the injustice in the writer’s not-so-hidden accusation.

Terry Rothwell,