‘Controlling’ mayor?

Dear Editor:

Centre Wellington council is to meet again over the proposed bike lanes on St. David Street North in Fergus, as a number of councillors have heard from many constituents that weren’t happy about the decision to go ahead with bike lanes.

The vote was 4-3 to revisit, however, to rescind this will require a 2/3 majority. If the vote passed to revisit at 4-3, why would the vote to rescind have to be 5?  Control!

Our mayor says in the article, the bike lane option was “visionary” and “forward thinking” but the one statement he made – “It’s critical to have a spine for active transportation” – really offended me. He and his two crony councillors will make sure it won’t pass.

Who cares that the Fergus businesses and other constituents have had a voice and voted against this moving forward?

As I have read many times of things that are happening with our council, the mayor is very controlling.  I look at how VanLeeuwen was exonerated, but wasn’t reinstated as the deputy mayor, as Mayor Linton wouldn’t give his consent and said that he and the deputy mayor need to be on the same page. Control!

Where is the justice and fairness?  Is it time for a new mayor?  Maybe VanLeeuwen should run next time.

Judy Haddad,

*Editor’s note: The township’s procedural bylaw states a two-thirds majority vote is required for council to overturn a previous decision.