‘Austerity doesn’t work’

Dear Editor:

An open letter to Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece.

This letter is accompanied by a petition signed by over 500 constituents in your riding, requesting a town hall meeting with you to air their concerns.

Austerity does not work. Reducing the number of employed people in our community causes a heavy financial toll on the community as a whole. Reducing educational opportunities for our children reduces their ability to contribute later in life. Health care cuts mean increased strain on caregivers in our community, a decrease in the level of health of all citizens, and a loss of economic productivity. Inadequate ambulance services are a serious threat to all of us. Ignoring environmental risk also threatens our health and, as we saw in Walkerton, requires massive government funding to rectify.

We are submitting this petition in the hope that you will welcome the opportunity to speak with your constituents, and we would be glad to help in the arrangements for a town hall meeting. An electronic copy of this petition is available, if needed. Our organizing committee will work with you to establish a time for this event, preferably before commencement of fall session.

Emma Dinicol, Dorothy Knight, Sharon Collingwood and Rachelle Schubert