Leadership group turns 25

Almost 100 alumni, sup­porters, and friends met Sept, 15 to celebrate the silver anni­versary of the Advanced Agri­cul­tural Leadership Program (AALP at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show.

The program has been creating leaders for 25 years. Alumni representing each of the past classes attended to meet other program stake­holders.

Guests viewed a new video showcasing the history of AALP from its inception in 1984 through the present and into the future.

It recognized William A. Stewart, a former provincial Min­ister of Agriculture, Mike Jenkinson, Peter Hannam, Ken­neth Knox, Jack Hagarty and others who were instrumental in getting the program under­way. The video paid tribute to those who have been involved over the 25 years.

Through testimonials of each of the 12 graduated clas­s­es and an interview with a member of the current AALP class that will graduate in 2011, the video showcased some of the more than 350 graduates who have made and are making a difference in Ontario’s agri­culture sectors and rural com­munities.

“It was wonderful to see so many of those who were key to the success of the program over the past 25 years at our anniversary celebration,” said Rob Black, Executive Director for The Centre for Rural Leadership.

“It was a great way to celebrate leadership training excellence through the AALP program,” he said.

Established in 1984 AALP is an executive leadership and personal development program for men and women, in all sectors of Ontario’s agriculture and food industry who aspire to help shape the future of Onta­rio’s agriculture, agri-food and rural sectors.