Jake’s Take: Video and Editing Services puts families, businesses in the picture

MINTO – Harriston native Jake Bieman recently opened a new business here, offering video and editing services for both business and personal needs.

After studying broadcasting – television and film production at Fanshawe College in London, Bieman opened Jake’s Take: Video & Editing Services, operating from The Old Post Centre for Business and Creativity in Harriston.

Services include creation of commercials and video skits for local businesses to use on social media, as well as real estate property photo and videos utilizing 360 camera technology to create home and business tours.

“I can also help with personal video needs, including private functions like filming and editing for family reunions, anniversary parties, etc.,” says Bieman.

Jake’s Take also offers wedding videography, utilizing three cameras to capture as much as possible, and other special features.

“In the future I am looking into converting people’s old personal tapes into digital files to keep forever,” Bieman notes.

Jake’s Take:  Video & Editing Services is located at The Old Post, 39 Elora St. S., Harriston.

The business can be contacted at jbieman41@gmail.com, 226-885-0797 or direct messaging through social media, to set up a free virtual consultation.

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