Horton hears a lot of hooey

No one cancelled Dr. Seuss,
His own people cut him loose.

Those who mind the doctor’s wealth
Took  only six books off the shelf.

There’s many other still for sale
And yet the haters they do rail.

“Attack on freedom! Cancel culture!
“Take a hike you PC vulture!”

Seuss would probs not be amused
To see his legacy so used

By those who think that any change, assaults their honour.
That’s just strange!

Hey it’s okay that we review
Some things that we used to do.

Times can change, our views evolve,
Society will not dissolve.

Our history won’t disappear
And if it does, just crack a beer.

History’s over anyway,
What? Now I’m cancelled?
What’d I say?

North Wellington Community News